Thursday, November 12, 2015

Driving + HighnessPalace Manicure

Started my driving lessons like finally! Passed my BTT like more than a year ago (Post) . And i was supposed to go for my FTT last year sept but i just booked and skipped it lol. Finally used my free time to go to BBDC to apply for PDI (Provision driving license). If you don't know im taking private, not school. Hence the flexibility lol.

Sourced for driving instructor for awhile and finally settled with one. My first lesson was like hell. I was feeling like i chose the wrong instructor. The moment i got into his car, he asked me for the fees, ok that wasn't of much issue. But he asked me if i paid him several times within an hour during my lesson........ I paid for an hour's lesson and it ended like 15 minutes earlier.... I asked him lots of questions but he's not giving me any answers. I told myself to give it another try, it got better eventually. Currently at my 4th lesson with him :-) But nah im not going to recommend him until i get a pass. HAHAHA. Anyway the registration fees was $55 and $34 per hour for lessons. TBC!~


Side note. Got my monthly nails sponsored by @highnesspalace ! Above is the halloween themed! LOVE IT ALOT BECAUSE ITS SO CUTE. Can you believe this halloween set only cost $35? Adding on it's all hand drawn! Always love Joanne's nail art. I guess you can never find such affordable gelish manicure elsewhere! I remember going to some manicurist and they charge for every tiny gem, even if you add addtional shimmer coat etc. At highnesspalace, she'd just quote you a price with no hidden charges! 

Contact for appointment: +65 81804500 

My november nails ^.^ (Sis is in Paris and i've got Paris' theme nails :P)