Sunday, March 9, 2014

Two Chefs

Two Chefs Eating Place is located at #01-129, 116 Commonwealth Crescent. I've went there once like 2 years ago, it wasn't that well-known yet thou. 

When we arrived there, the queue was long. Not that long, but still long. Daddy really dislike waiting so he got a little pissed off and adding on, it's useless going there if the number of people aren't all there yet. So don't waste time queuing. They will only give you a seat if everyone is there..... That's the bad point of dining there. Sis arrived late and finally we manage to get a seat :-)

Looked around and i saw almost every table have cockles. Oh no regrets, it's nice! Drunk cockles. Taste a little spicy with lotsa garlic. It's chilled by the way.

Other ingredients that we ordered. The chicken soup which we were told they only have on weekends, veggie, coffee rib, and lastly sliced fish.

I was kinda surprised when the bill added up to only $57 for all the above + drinks for the 5 of us. I feel that it is quite affordable and well, first time mommy didn't complain about the food too(She'd normally be complaining that it's not fresh enough, too hard, too salty, blahblah.). So it's really good, minus the waiting time... :-) Try it!