Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Yiwu, Shanghai

Currently in Shanghai Yiwu. We literally spent the whole of day 1 travelling. Anyway, It is a small town in Shanghai, a 4 hours coach ride from the airport. 

Yiwu international trade centre on day 2.

There are a total of 5 districts and if you want to walk it all, you gonna spend months. Lol. So do your research, what do you need and which district to go...

What's good here? Stuffs are freaking cheap. Rings at like 10cents each, accessories at around $1, shoes at less than $10, phone accessories at $2 or less! I even saw the recently trending chanel perfume case selling at just $5! 

Cons. Some nice stuff you find here, you might not be able to purchase it. Reason? They sell in bulks like 100-1000pieces of minimum quantity. They are quite firm and not going to sell you just one. Hence this is actually a good place mostly for business man. 

On the other hand, most shops actually dump out a boxful of stocks outside their shop that they wish to clear, you can just pick and purchase one!

We're staying in bali yaying hotel which is located quite near the trade city. Sadly, the food sucks here. Trust me when i say that. The hygiene is really bad. Everything looks really dirty. 

We were told never to eat their corn and beancurd, for whatsoever reason lol

Bin wang night market at night! It's just like the night markets in bangkok. And most importantly, bargain. They really mark up the price alot but just insist them to go lower! I bought 3 pieces of very good quality apparels at only around $8 each! And the giraffes at the bottom omg freaking cutez

Moving off to shanghai tomorrow! Update soon ^^