Friday, May 23, 2014


Not everyone could actually find a closest friend and stick with each other for years, for us, almost a good 8 years. From strangers, to friends, to someone that plays an important part in my life, + my girl's God-mum. Amazingly, we've never been in a quarrel before. They say when a friendship exceeds 7 years, it's bound to last for a lifetime. And i believe it would :') We don't have to talk everyday, but the moment we get to catch up, we talk about literally everything. I guess she's the only person that knows almost ALL of my secrets. All these years, she's the one that i run to whenever anything happens, esp when i need to cry a bucket of tears and of course vice-versa. There are always times when are down and we would just call each other out for a little ranting and our mood just turns out better theafter. I don't know how these 2 years would be like if i ever need to find a place to cry, no more 2nd home to run to. T.T But still, im glad that she've found her life-partner and happiness after so much. If you're reading this my dearest bb, you must have landed safely. All the best for these 2 years! We miss you and i'll fly there and see you in 1 year plus time. :')

Love you.