Thursday, May 8, 2014

Xi Long hot pot and family KTV

27 West Coast Highway, #01-03/4/5/6

*I purchased the voucher online, 4pax of zi char buffet + 2 hour KTV at $76. I was told that they do not serve walk-in zi char and there's only hot pot buffet. So if you plan to go, remember to find for the vouchers online! You can get it at either Deal or Groupon etc.... 

Pre- Mother's day celebration with family! 

They will allow you to choose 5 dishes/ exclude main dish during the first round. I guess they are afraid of wastage of food, it's really a big portion! As mention it's a buffet, you can just eat as much as you can. The cereal prawn is a one-time order only, all others are unlimited!

I feel sorry that i only have 2 photos of our dishes. So busy eating and chatting all the while. Hahaha. Other than that, we had fish, pork rib, black pepper beef, seaweed soup, sambal kangkong etc! Variety of choices!

The food was average but abit too salty....

We headed in for our KTV after meal! (Included)

While we were singing, little shannon got bored and started playing with daddy's hair. Hahahah! Reminds me of me and sis when we were young, we use to do this too. Flooding daddy's hair with lots of clips and rubber bands........ xoxo

Happy mother's day!