Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Riders Cafe

It was kinda a special day. Because this someone (that's always gonna stand a special place in my heart) he took note and counted my 100th happy day challenge which my 100th day gonna fall during this week. #touched 

Rider's Cafe at bukit timah saddle club.

We went there after lesson, and i didn't know that they serve only dinner at 6pm. No all day brunch :-( We reached there around 5pm, so we went exploring around Bukit timah saddle. Yeah lucky us, we manage to see a few beautiful gorgeous horses!

We ordered truffle as they only have sides available between 3pm to 6pm. 

It was nice!

Me and K had roast chicken. The portion was really big. (No photos yet because he havent send it to me T.T)

Anyway, im really thankful for today :-) That marks my journey of doing my 100 happy days and having the happiest 100th. Of course, all these days brings me to think of something i can feel happy about, and yeah definately there's something to be happy about at least...