Friday, July 25, 2014

Basic Theory Test (3A)

Went to enrol around late May at BBDC, me and twinny was fickle whether if we should choose private or school. Of course people there gonna convince us to join the school... Coincidentally i bumped into my secondary school friend when i was there and she got her license in less than 6 months so it made me stayed firm on taking private. Firstly because im not someone that likes to go for classes, and i feel i can do better when i study myself....

I remembered i paid around $10 back then for the enrollment fees, it's somehow to have an account with BBDC so i can book the tests etc. ($6 for BTT)

I wasn't nervous until the day i was going to take BTT.... Lol. Dont tell me that it was easy, it's really hard and complicating for a 'road-idiot' like me. I dont even know what the signs meant. And adding on, i was having exams in school and i didn't have time to study... Took out the booklet and study just hours before heading for BTT, and my friend asked me to download the BTT app and try it over and over again.

I went into the test classrooms, i was surprised to see mostly foreigners. Nervously sat at my seat, and started my test. I know i have to get 45/50 to pass..... The test was 50 minutes, but i finished everything in 10 minutes. No confidence, go through everything again, and i ended my test in 20 minutes. Anxiously clicked 'end test', and POOFFFF* 48/50 hahaha at that moment i really wna just scream happily.

Passed my BTT with us less than $20 hehe. Booked my FTT which gonna falls in sept. GOODLUCK TO MYSELF.