Sunday, July 6, 2014

Taipei Night markets

Let me just sum up the night markets i went during my taipei trip. 

1) Nan Ya Night Market

This night market is located at Ban qiao. It is away from the city area. Around a 30 minutes train ride from Xi men ding. It's mostly filled with food stalls, not really much of clothings thou but if you manage to spot a few, apparels price are reasonable :-). This was the first night market we visited as it was nearest to our hotel.

2) Dan shui night market (tam shui)

Try out the "bing tang hu Lu"! It is sort of like fruits coated with candy. At tamshui, you can actually go to the "lovers bridge" which is just beside. They sell more of phone accessories and plush toys, and of course food stalls. We found a cat cafe there too! It cost 100twd for entry and it can be deducted off from your orders :-) 

3) Xi men ding

Everyone should know Xi men ding, it is a well known night market in taipei... It is really huge but items are not that cheap. It's range around singapore's retail price. BUT, food again. Try out the ah zhong mee sua there! Adding on, chicken cutlet etc!! You'll never regret it. 

4) Rao he night market

Rao he nightmarket is located at Houshanpi station. Food again... I tried their smelly beancurd there and its awesome. There will be illegal carts around but things are quite cheap, but they will move away shortly if there's police. Try out their sausages! You can find things on sale here for example a dress as low as 50twd!

Will continue the next few night markets in my next post :-) xoxo