Thursday, August 21, 2014

Tattoo Removal

I went for consultation at National skin center regarding tattoo removal. I thought it would cost lesser compared to other clinics but i was wrong. As this is considered as a cosmetic procedure, the price are almost the same. I was quoted around $500 per session to laser away my star (back of my neck), 7 wordings (upper back), and chest. I did not intend to remove the huge lace ribbon on my lower back thou, cuz actually i love that tattoo alot. But i guess it gonna cost me like around $1k per session if i want to? (Im thinking about it because if i wna remove i should do it all at once.) I was told at least 10-12 session is needed to remove it completely (at least $5k) and he also cant assure that it would be completely gone. I hesitated for abit, like what if i spend so much on it but it turns out even worst like the tattoo is like halfway there where it still can be seen.... It's worst considered having a perfectly inked tattoo on.

I thought alot, and i talked to my friends about it. Most of them motivated me, and the last person i told was daddy. I was surprised by his reply, he sounds kinda excited telling me i should go for it and its right. I can feel that he's glad that i finally know what exactly i want in life........

So, i've decided to go for it. Not so soon but perhaps in the next few months. Im just gonna pray that it would be completely gone after all the sessions. Oh, and you're only able to go for one session every 2-3 months... So its gonna take up to 1-2 years to complete it.