Saturday, January 17, 2015

Co2 fractional laser

Above Photo filtered in case you thought my skin turned perfect hahahah.

If you've followed my post, i've gone for spectra carbon laser and im currently at my 3rd session :-) My complexion got better than before, (not that oily). I didnt get huge serious breakouts even during period after i went for the laser. I still get breakout but its only like one or two small dots. I no longer get huge pimple out of nowhere. It was easier for me to apply make up on too as my pores are much smaller. :-)

I told them that im seeing tiny little clog pores, and my doctor recommend me to get one session of CO2 fractional laser. He explained to me that putting aside the bad downtime, it gonna have more obvious effect after just one session. (It makes me regret choosing spectra abit) Hahah. Not that i didn't see improvement on my skin, but just that he's trying to tell me CO2 was actually better.

I took like 10 minutes to consider because i read about the one week downtime and i had an interview in 3 days time.... He told me it will subside in around 3-4 days but it takes a week to be completely healed.

So..... i went for it.

They applied numbing cream on my face and left it there for around 30 minutes. And it started. Pain level compared to spectra laser was so much better but pain still can be felt at some more sensitive area like forehead. Pain level: 3/10. It was over in 5 minutes.

The redness struck in in around after 15 minutes. I could feel my face burning and stinging. My doctor had applied lots of Vita-E cream before i left the clinic. They even gave me a mask, at first i said i didn't need that but i was glad i took it hahaha.

My doctor gave me a 4 days MC, i asked if it was so serious? Because the photos of people having downtime which i googled online wasn't that bad, it was just mild redness...

I didn't look into the mirror when i reached home. I was too tired so i washed up and went to bed... And i woke up looking like this. Hahahahaha. I decided to skip class for the day. It was badddddd. I look like i had bruises all over my face! I can't even conceal it with sunblock. No make up was allowed i cant even use my foundation.

 Oh gosh i cant believe this gonna last for days.....

But im currently at the 3rd day of downtime, it got a lot much better :-) Will do an update soon.