Monday, February 9, 2015

Hair extensions

I've went for braid on hair extensions several times since years ago, the first few times i enjoyed having it and it could last like 4-6 months at least. Until i actually chopped off my hair to above shoulder length, i couldn't stand having even the extensions because it feels so heavy (Have to put on more to make it look more natural) And i swear i cant really wash my hair properly, and i ended up wasting hundreds (Each time of extensions cost $300-400) and it only last me at most a week, i'd just take it off.

It wasn't my first time buying Clip on extensions too, and last time i actually prefer braiding extensions than clip on extensions but i guess as years goes by, the quality is getting better and better. Eventually im liking the clip on extensions more, it's like i can take on and put on as and when i like :-)

I purchased the long wavy one which is just one piece clip on (Only $80 la!). I have to actually curl abit of my hair to make it more natural but afterall my friends all said it was just like my own hair! :-D

I was happy with it as me being lazy, i only put it on when i go out wanting to look pretty. So dont be surprised if you ever see me sometimes in short hair and sometimes in long hair :P

And i recently purchased another which is like a pony tail (Only $30!), love it sooooo much! 

Bleah but honestly i cant wait for my hair to growwwwwww