Friday, March 27, 2015

Sinpopo brand

Looking for cafes around Joo chiat as we're having a staycation around that area, made a reservation at Sinpopo brand located at 458 Joo chiat road. Actually no reservations is required if you're there on weekdays thou, but would be recommended to make a reservation if you're going on a weekend.

The service was overwhelming. The waitress came forward to pass us the menu and introduce us the recommended drinks and dishes :-) Initially we settled with a few starters then we were told that the Nasi lemak set for 2 that we ordered already consist of them (Sambal fishballs, roasted potatoes, luncheon crisps). Hence we changed it to the crab wantons ($8) and babi toast ($7).

We ordered the Sinpopo beef shortrib horfun too, it was served with crispy horfun rather than the normal kind. ($16)

Nasi Lemak for 2 pax ($25). The sides were the sambal chilli, rojak, sambal fishballs, roasted potatoes in curry, luncheon crisps, har jeong kai wings and chicken. Best of all, the rice was refillable for free.