Saturday, February 28, 2015

When you start dating someone who..........

When you start dating someone you DIDN'T know in a club or rather DOESN'T party.

And i've to admit i've been really partying too much and MOST of the guys i dated over these few years while i was single, i knew them while i was partying (And they party alot too). I realize there's really a huge difference when you date someone you know in a club vs out of a club...... (Of course this doesn't imply on every single one and perhaps vice versa)

1. Morning texts

You'll only most prolly receive a morning text from him when the sun is almost setting or a goodnight text when it's almost dawn because he's out partying the whole night...... On the other hand when you date someone that doesn't stays out late partying, you get a morning text even before you're awake :-) (And im starting to appreciate that.....)

2. Your dates together will never be partying and partying anymore

You'd realize most of the times both of you will be planning when and where would the next night out be (partying)..... and getting drunk..... and just all about drinking. Instead if your date isn't that, you'll find yourself going for movies, having meals together, and everything that doesn't involve late nights and getting drunk. #sohealthy

3. Intimacy

You should know what alcohol does and intimacy is unavoidable after a couple of drinks. You might just find him holding your hands or you hooking onto his arm after a few night dates out. It's never awkward.... Well and when you're date someone who doesn't drink, its just a 'slow and steady' kinda thing. You start to get close mentally and understand each other before you really wanna hold his hand for the rest of your life, getting awkward, blushed, and slowly getting comfortable with it.

4. Being yourself

You are always to be at your best gorgeous self when you meet him and it became a "must" to look pretty whenever you're with him because the first time you met in a club, it's always a full make up + dress-up night. No bare face selfies, no ugly sleepwear infront of him. Or what if he says you're short after you took off your heels???

On the other hand, someone you didn't met in a club might already seen your normal self when you're a nerdy kid in school and perhaps surprising you at your door, seeing your "wake up face"..... And you can always dress casually and comfortably.... :-)