Tuesday, April 7, 2015

3 Day 2 Night Bangkok For GIRLS

A simple 3 days Bangkok Itinerary for GIRLS only. **Cus with lots of shopping lol.

If you're having a hard time planning your itinerary for your bangkok trip, here's of what i had come up with for our 3 day 2 night plans (7th to 9th April). Almost everything went as planned! It was sorted by location so it makes traveling much easier.... Most of the places planned in this trip was where i've never been after uncountable times to bkk, i wanted to explore something new.

Day One....

We arrived at Bangkok in the morning, we decided to save cost hence we took BTS(Train) from Suvarnabhumi airport to Ratchaprarop station. It is 6 stops away from the airport, around a 30 minutes ride and cost only 40baht. (It will cost you around 350-400 baht if you choose to flag a taxi, and it takes around the same time to reach Ratchaprarop too). Ratchaprarop station is the popular Pratunam area, where you can find cheap stuffs, awesome road side stalls etc!

We stayed at Budacco Hotel, i've been there for more than 3 times. It's considered quite clean and the service was not bad for a 3-star hotel. Other recommended hotels near that area i've been to before would be Cozi-inn and Blutique (the alley beside Budacco). All are affordable hotels at less than $80sgd per night :-)

We dropped our baggage and went for the famous Wanton mee for breakfast located at 4/32 Soi Petchburi 19, just 5 minutes away from our hotel. (Total: Approx $8sgd)

We changed abit of currency in singapore at a rate of 23.8, but sadly the rate was only 23.75 over there. It was the best exchange rate i could find in pratunam area so far, it's just lcoated on the right after exiting the alley from our hotel.... (The 2nd day the rate was 23.8 too) *Recommended to bring big notes like $50 or $100 as the rate will be higher. I passed some $10 notes and the rate was only 23.55

We went for shopping at Pratunam Market and Platinum mall theafter as it is much cheaper compared to Siam area so incase the girls bought something similar at a higher price if we head to Siam first........ So our shopping spree starts! You will be able to find those 'blogshop' apparels from 100baht($4)!

Finished our shopping early and we were quite hungry, decided to leave earlier for dinner at T&K seafood, it is located in Chinatown(Yaraowat), nearest station would be Hualamphong. The staff are all dressed in green, incase you get to the wrong restaurant as there are lots of seafood restaurants over that area. We took a Tuktuk there and it cost us 200baht($8). I read up reviews and it says that it only opens at 6pm but we arrived at around 5pm, the outdoor seats wasn't set up but we were brought indoors which was even better! Airconditioned!! Hehe. We walked up to the 3rd level for seats as it was quite packed.

We ordered prawns, veggie, fried rice, fish, birdnest, oysters. The bill came up to 1040baht($43sgd) for the 3 of us. The oysters was really big and fresh and it was served with fried onions which were awesome, only 50baht($2sgd) per piece!!!!!

We went to Saphan Phut night market after our dinner. We used GPS and walked around 10 minutes and we actually reached a pier. We were told to take a ferry at 15baht over to the night market, but nobody actually collected the fare from us even after we alighted... The night market is near the memorial bridge. Mainly shoes, clothes, bags, accessories.

Saphan Phut night market 
Opening hours : (Thursday - Tuesday) 07:00 P.M. - 12:00 A.M.

We went over to Khao San night market via Taxi after Saphan Phut. It was just minutes drive away. It was much busier than Saphan phut which was really quiet. Stalls will quote you a high price for items as you see lots of tourists there, so just offer a price that you deem reasonable. We were quoted 300baht for a slippers but ended up paying only 160baht for it in the end. Shop smart! 

Khao San night market
Opening Hours: 09:00 - 16:00 (Wednesday - Sunday)

Bought supper back from nearby our hotel's roadside stalls. The banana egg prata is a must have. The prata guy's stall will mostly be just beside the 7-11. Only 40baht :-D The phad thai was good too.

Itinerary for Day 1 (Print screen)

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