Saturday, May 9, 2015

Mother's Day 2015 (Volunteer)

This year's Mother's Day was a special one. My sis approached me to organize an event to bring the needy families under the comcare to celebrate Mother's Day. Most of the families have like up to even 6 kids and they are living in a 1-room flat. Together with my girls, we started going door to door one month before the actual event to invite the families to join us @ Singapore Zoo free-of-charge on Mother's Day! It was heartbreaking to happen to be visiting kids that told us they do not have Mummies to go together or they do not live with their mums and they have to skipped this :-( 

Glad to be able to get 80pax attendees for the actual event and everything went smoothly. Such a meaningful Mother's Day. It really warms my heart seeing the families enjoying and thanking me after the day. Without this event I guess it's hard for them to get a chance to even visit the Zoo as a family as its really costly. Hope to do this again next year!

Coming home to my little girl's art piece. Sucha sweetie pie. Thankful to have you.