Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Happy 3rd

As the saying goes, the first 3 months being in a relationship was like the 90-day trial period, often known as the honeymoon phase. One day, you wake up and it has been three months - which, for some reason, often means it's time to sink or swim. I was glad when we passed our 3rd month mark... It wasn't easy for anyone to come into my life. It wasn't just the two of us but three....

And here are 3 big things i am thankful for all these while.

1) A role-model. An awesome role-model for my little girl. He reminded her of all the simple gestures from saying thank you every single time when there was a need to, he pampered her but at the same time taught her what she had to learn. He carries her on his shoulder, most of the times he would be carrying her when we head out and never complains about her being heavy or him being tired. He would never leave himself out from anything we'd love to go or watch, look at that big boy catching cartoons with us. Hahaha. From them bickering to having fun together, it was the happiest thing i'd witness.

2) His unconditional love. Who would walk you all the way home under the scorching sun. Who would bring you a bagful of food after having a long and tired day himself. Who would even bring breakfast and hangover pills the next morning after you party all night without him. Being with him made me realize that i honestly don't need a man to splurge on me to make me happy but all the little gestures that means so much.

3) Respect. The respect he has given me all these while really deserves my respect back for him. And for this i shall keep it between us. ^-^

Happy third my love. #J24L3V