Monday, July 13, 2015

Primary One Registration

So i manage to register Shannon under Phase 2A(2) as i was a former student in GRPS. I was hesitating what time i should head down as i dont know the balloting process whether if it is first come first serve or..... Did some research and they will be balloting via school-home distance so it doesnt really matter what time i head down :-) didnt bring Shannon along as she was heading for her childcare.

Documents needed
1) report book/ psle cert
2) parents nric
3) child's birthcert
4) marriage/divorce cert
5) immunisation cert

The registration was done in their general office, and surprisingly i was the only one there lol. I guess it was because GRPS started in 1995 so i guess there wouldnt be much young parents like me HAHAH. 

Due to me being in a complicated status lol (i wasnt married and shannon's birthcert did not include a father's particulars) they asked me to fill up an unwed form but honestly the clauses are abit ridiculous. And also I was asked to fill up the dad's NRIC, like wtf who will remember it when we arent even together already. 

Done with the registration, me and bf went to walk around the school premises. We went to the canteen planning to get our brunch but the auntie reminded us parents are not allowed to purchase food from the school canteen. Haha. Had a small chat with the auntie that was selling since my batch and she gave us free nuggets. Most of the food there are like less than $1 onlyyyyyy. 

The stalls had queue seperated for Primary 1,2,3 and 4,5,6. I really appreciate this concept as the lower primary definately need more time to consume their food! 

Ah. Really excited. The results will be out in 2 days time via post! Good luck to all the other parents at the later phases. :-)