Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Aloha Loyang

Chalet with my Semester two classmates :-) Ah, as much as the place and scenery is as beautiful, i really hate how far it is from my home. Haha. Dreading the journey so much.

Barbeque, Playing games, Drinking, Throwing people into the pool. That much sums up the night there. 

Thats the nigger pal of mine. Haha! He's a damn sweet talker, never fails to tell me im cute/pretty everyday in school. I'll never forget all the 'black' jokes we always joke about. Let me share some pick up lines that we always used on each other. Hahaha i find it really funny because just nice he's black and all of it sounds just right. #notbeingracist

"The only tan line i want is the one from your arm around my shoulder."
"Are you mixed? Because you look like half indian, half angel.."

Sad that we only get bonded at near the end of the semester and we'all gonna be seperated already. Well but at least there's much memories! :'-) Love ya all and study hard!