Wednesday, March 5, 2014


When i was a kid, my dream was to be a teacher. But as time passes, i began to actually doubt myself adding on when i dropped out of school during secondary days. Then, I remembered i started my first online business selling contact lenses when i was around 15 years old. I stopped selling after 3 years due to the over-rated selling all around + it became illegal because people started selling fake ones of the same brand. It's amazing that i earned my first 10k savings by selling contact lenses by the age of 17. I hate that i've to give this business up.

Well, and Blackpockets started after selling of lenses ended. I remembered i started taking stocks from City plaza and modeled for my own blogshop. Sales was good, and i started running flea markets weekly. Then online blogshops started increasing and it was quite impossible to survive online. Rented rack @ far east plaza under 'TheBlogshop' and unfortunately got scammed like few thousands because of that irresponsible boss Clarence Chew Zhi Yang, you can read more here 

Honestly im thankful because of my ex-boyfriend's support. We get to go to bangkok together and i get to explore and learn how to purchase stocks from there. I get to set up Blackpockets at FEP. It's almost impossible to do it alone. Tell me how do a girl fly to bangkok alone every few months and carry 100 over kg of stocks. Although things didn't turn out well between us and it cause us to break up/close down too partly. It was a good experience afterall. Everything wasn't easy when you have to do EVERYTHING yourself. Like when your staff didn't turn up for work last minute, staff stealing cashier cash, unreasonable customers, going oversea every few months for stocks, carrying 100kg of stocks, packing and tagging... Hardwork..... Still, I've expected it coming. I've learn the hard way too, im never going into 'work' stuff again with someone i love.

But, as much as im used to doing trade business and i really don't get use to working for people. I started taking up part-time events job now during my holidays, it's better than wasting my time at home right. I tried to adapt and im loving it a little. I get jobs like working with kids for events, and the most recent fun one was working for H&M at Laneway festival! 

On the other hand, currently im planning to start up something new with the help of a few. He told me "It's either you start now, or dont". He assured me a lot. It benefits me because im still schooling and even if it fails, i still gonna graduate with a diploma at least. I hope everything goes as planned and be successful in a few months time. Not as easy as said but, im gonna work hard for what i want.

"Being an entrepreneur is my dream."