Thursday, March 20, 2014

Shanghai Day 4

Visited this Shanghai social innovation park located at Pudong district. We pop by this Paris Cafe located just right outside for some hot coffee as it was like 10 degrees! The Cafe was really gorgeous and i had vanilla coffee latte, it was good!

Our first stop was WABC! It was founded by a man who realize the talent of art in autism kids.

Some of the drawings drew by autism kids.

Next stop was Xiao long bao. Nope not that bun you thought of, their 'long' refers to the deaf. Creative isn't it?

We witness the deaf making hearing aid. I really think they are awesome. We were even given the chance to try on the hearing aid. I've never tried it on before, it was like a mini microphone placed in your ear.

We headed to Yu Yuan for lunch, it is a temple like area.

The xiao long bao is a must try here! Best!