Friday, March 21, 2014

Shanghai Day 5

Nan jing road for the day. Don't expect to buy anything, window shopping is good enough. Because it's a street where you can find ZARA, F21, H&M, etc. It is more expensive compared. But when night falls, just see the lights...... So prettttty

Hop on their "train". It cost only 5 yuan ($1). It brings you from the start to the end of the street.

This cute 10 years old boy suddenly jump to the back of the train when it was driving off. I asked him why is he standing there as it was soooo dangerous! He told me that he just ended school so this was his daily transport that he don't have to walk sucha long distance, + ride free. He jumped off before the train stopped. Haha.

Yeah and that sums up the day.