Saturday, March 22, 2014

Shanghai Day 6

It was the last day in Shanghai. We headed to this mall which is like Taobao city that we went and we were told to expect super bad attitude from the shops. I didn't expect it to be that bad. This mall sells mostly bags, phone accessories + portable charger, speakers etc. Please try before buying. And also, A&F, Holister, fredperry etc inspired. 

1. Never bargain if you don't have the intention to purchase. They will scold the shit out of you lol. 
2. If you really like that item, offer your lowest price. If she don't agree to it, walk away. She'll agree to it as soon as you walk away.

To me, i believe the attitude of the staff really matters alot. Honestly if her attitude sucks and the item are cheap, i wouldn't even buy it. Well, me and my friends got scolded by a few because we didn't want to purchase the price she offered+ because of her attitude. But we just laugh and walk away. I find it really funny. That's their 'culture' but i dont even know why they have to get so pissed.

Let me give you some lowest prices of some items me and my friends manage to get.
A&F, Holister t-shirt (40 Yuan / 8sgd)
A&F hoodie (70 Yuan / 15 sgd)
Portable Charger 13000mah (100 Yuan / 20sgd) 
Beat earpiece (60 Yuan / 12sgd)
Beat bluetooth speaker (40 Yuan / 8sgd)

They will offer you twice or thrice the price. And if you ever been to BKK, their cost price should be even lower than BKK as china is the main source of all these stuffs.

Will i go back to Shanghai again? Yes probably. I believe there are much more night markets around. I regretted not buying more apparels there thou, as their malls do not have such clothings compared to the night market. Adding on, it's really a beautiful city minus the extremely bad attitude from the people there. 

Till then. xoxo