Monday, April 7, 2014

Chiso Zanmai

Chiso Zanmai, located at The central! Conveniently located at Clarke quay mrt!

Lunch buffet : $14.99++ (12pm-3pm)
Dinner buffet : $24.99++ (6pm-10pm)

You have to pay additional for free flow of soft drinks, else plain water will be free :-)

It was a monday so i actually expected it to be crowdless but i was wrong...... We reached there around 12.15pm and the queue was omg, you'll never imagine this. Highly recommended to make a reservation even if it's weekday!!! Yes luckily we did, we got in straight away regardless the long queue!

I didn't manage to get much photo because the buffet area was really packed and abit messy because of all the typical aunties there, food runs out really quick but they stock up quite fast too.... It takes sometime for me to actually get that tongs to get my food because all of them are fighting over it.....

But still, the food was good! Just check out the salmon! Salmon lovers gonna definitely enjoy it. Thick and fresh!

Yeah i think all the salmon that we ate already cost much more than what we should pay :P