Monday, April 7, 2014

Happy birthday Mommy.

Happy 57th my dearest mommy. Although i don't always tell you that i love you but i do. Im sorry when i raise my voice over little things, im sorry to get angry with you over little things. I don't mean it but i know im just taking you for granted. Im thankful you've brought us up so far. Although i get really mad with you whenever you try to nag everything you can say, although i say i can't stand staying at home with you the whole day. But i know i'd never wanna lose you. Im sorry when you always feel that we love daddy more, actually i love both of you as much. Thank you for taking care of my Shannon wholeheartedly. Thank you for calling me up during midnight telling me to get home early. Thank you for making the effort to make me breakfast every morning before i go to school. Thank you for making my favorite dishes so that i'll eat dinner. I love you and i'll try to treat you better..... Still someday i wish you and daddy will be back together :'-) I can't wait to get my own house so that i can bring you and daddy together and stay together again.