Thursday, April 3, 2014


I've gain weight after pregnancy, it seems so hard to go back to my pre-pregnancy weight thou even after 5 years. Been trying really hard to do more work outs and eat less, it seems so impossible as i really love eating! What's more with all the attractive cafes all around singapore T.T

Anyone facing the same problems? I've seen lots of tips online but i find it really hard to follow in the long run. It only lasted a few days for me and i stop doing it. So i started my own way which seems easier, let me share with you some tips im currently trying out.

1. Breakfast is a must! Don't ever go hungry. Whip up some breakfast oat!
2. Drink lots lots lots of water 
3. Work out, go for a jog at least twice a week
4. Eat more veggie, try not to consume sweet drinks/ oily fried stuffs/ Less meat
5. Drink freshly squeezed lemon juice

I think these 5 steps are really easy and its just depends on whether if we want to do it. You don't have to like starve yourself or do extreme workouts.... :-)

I can't wait to not feel fat anymore x.x