Monday, September 22, 2014

22nd birthday

And when you grow older, you don't really have plans to celebrate your birthday anymore.... But im thankful for the awesome people in my life....

1) Timothy and Kino for the advance birthday meal at buckaroo! It was sooo yummy i had my fill.

2) The brothers that specially bought cake to my house for me at 12am

3) Family dinner and pink velvet cake from sis

4) Birthday night spent with Rach chilling and drinking at July, was so glad that A came to join us too.

3) The chalet that turns out to be a belated birthday celebration. The choco crepe cake from my poly mates, and a homemade pineapple cake from Tim's mom. 

4) The 2 helium balloons from val and dolly that flew away and they specially went to buy it again.... hahahah

5) The duffy mug + towel from dolly and sean all the way from hongkong

6) The unique GIRL litchi framboise from Jerry

7) Something i wished for, eyebrow stencil! From amanda and richie.

8) I've got a Tim ho wan treat from the Bff

9) Lastly, Kino, the one that wasn't free but still make time to join us with a special red packet for me.

Yeah yeah im blessed really. Love ya all. I appreciate every single effort, including all the birthday messages/ calls.... xoxo