Thursday, October 9, 2014

Spectra carbon laser peel

So I've been doing my homework and reading up about face laser recently. I've been to several face clinic such as DRX, NSC(national skin center), and trying out a few different brands facial products but it doesn't seem to totally cure my blemishes. 

Yup my complexion is not that bad (photo up with no filter).. i get outbreak sometimes/ during period. I do not have any acne scars but I have small pimples that seems like they'd never go away. I also feel that my pores are enlarged and abit of uneven skin tone.

At first I thought of going for the fractional co2 laser which is mainly more for acne scars with downtime of at least a week. But i happen to read about spectra laser with totally no downtime! 

Spectra carbon laser can treat mild to severe pimple/acne and oily skin. It also treats enlarged pores, hyper pigmentation, age spots, dull skin, uneven skin tone, scars etc!'

And that's me right after the laser. Your face would be redish for few hours and it turns normal after that. You can see obvious results in just one treatment! My skin really looks much more radiant and smooth. 

The laser pain level was like 6/10. It's like oil splattering around your face + rubber band snapping. I asked if I could have numbing cream during my 2nd session but they said no cuz it won't be so effective. :-(  

The average cost is around $400-450 in SG clinics, I've checked out with a few so that's the average quoted price. They have packages so it's abit cheaper if you get that. It's recommended to go for at least 3-5 sessions and back once every 3 months to keep your face the same :-) I'll share my clinic after I've finish all my sessions with good results ☺️