Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Cuddles cat cafe

Cuddles cat cafe is located at scape level  3! 

I've always been wanting to visit a cat cafe ever since i chance upon one in taiwan. And finally, today!

The fee for an hour is $12. It is not inclusive of any food or beverage. I did not dine inside so im unable to give any feedback, but try it! We were told that a lot of people patron for the food too :-) 

We were told that the best timing to visit would be around 11am. They will start napping around 1pm thou, and will be active again at around 6pm. They usually sleeps more during the weekends as there would be more visitors and their sleep get disturb often, so more tired hahaha

Check out all the super adorable kittiesssss. 

I think it's really worth it to just spend some time with the kitties there during your free time. Can't wait to visit other cat cafes!!!