Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Kular Lumpur / Genting

And im back from the 4 days 3 night trip to KL and Genting! This marks little shannon's first flight, and im proud of myself that im able to manage taking very good care of her because my parents kept telling me how scary it is to travel with a kid like im gonna lost her blahblahblah~ tsk. Im thankful that she's being soooo obedient too :-)

We spent our first day at Kular lumpur, it was my first time to KL and i don't think i'll go again. lol. Nothing much to shop too. We left for genting on the 2nd day! And that's her first cable car ride, she told me she prefer cable car to plane hahaha

The only thing for her to play was the indoor theme park (RM30), with only 3 rides that's she is able to take without me, almost all the rides are under renovation. I didnt get a ticket cuz it cost (RM32) and theres only 2 super slow rides for adults zzz. Totally not recommended to go until the outdoor theme park is done rebuilding!

Bowling for the girl! It cost RM7 per game. Not really bowling thou, hahaha they just sat there and roll the ball

Ice Age exhibition!

Next day, we took the cable car down and headed to strawberry farm, bee farm, mushroom farm! Initially we wanted to take their shuttle bus but we were told there's no more, so we ended up taking a private car that takes us to and fro at RM40 to the 3 places + some chocolate shop, tibits shop.

Oh, and this trip marks my first entrance to a casino lollol. Finally feeling grown up. They didn't actually check my passport when i entered. *Ahem. I went inside and was like WOW, like what i always see on movies/shows. But i really hate the cigg scent inside :-/

Had an enjoyable trip with my baby girl!!!! And im looking forward to our Bangkok trip together on Saturday! :-D