Wednesday, September 3, 2014

I AM cafe

I AM cafe is located at 674 North Bridge Road, it's actually at the stretch of Haji lane.

I swear i wasn't there for their rainbow cakes at first, hahaha i didn't even know they had this huge ass rainbow cake. I was like WOW when i saw it...... So pretty... xo

Okay back to food first. We ordered hot wings and cheezy bombs for starters. I like them both, i feel that it's worth the try! 

Garlic butter prawn. It's nice but i think it's over priced for just 6 pieces of prawns. ($10.90+)

And to the main course!


Lastly, THE ATTRACTIVE RAINBOW CAKE ($8.90). Okay it's not super yummy but the colors makes it nice thou. It taste like normal sponge cake with colorings added hahaha. But the colors makes people happy eating it, dont you agree??? Anyway it's really a huge slice.