Tuesday, September 2, 2014

(working title)

K brought me to (working title) for brunch. It's located at 48 Arab Street, (nearest MRT bugis)

I really like how the interior is. Old school, vintage.... Just that feel.

We were there around 2pm so we manage to catch up with their set lunch! I chose rosti and K got finger O fish. We ordered curly fries too!

To be honest i was disappointed with the so called "Rosti" as it turns out to be hashbrowns........ But the sausages was good, and same for the curly fries! :-D

It was really quiet when we arrived but it got really crowded after that. I saw a note there which says that working people around there are able to get a 10% off! So humans who are working around that area, it's time to head there! ^^/