Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Honey creme VS llaollao

About the recent hype on llaollao and honey creme. I manage to try both after the 'trend' dies abit. Hahaha. I queued for around 15minutes for llaollao at Somerset 313. Yeah i find it nice, the yogurt feels fresh and the sour level was just right but i just find that some fruits don't really goes well with it. Hahaha so i guess the ingredients plays an important part too.

As for honey creme, i was glad that i got it in less than 5 minutes, maybe it wasn't the peak timing. I chose the popular organic cotton candy. So honey creme turns out tasting like mcdonals vanilla ice cream but it was more milky and of course better. I like that cotton candy thou. I cant wait to try other flavors!

So which was better? In my opinion, both was good and it wasn't supposed to be comparable because yogurt and ice cream is definitely different. Hahah.