Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Last day of 2014 in Taipei

It has always been my wish to travel with my whole family. My mum, dad, sis, and now with the additional member of the family, shannon. We dont get to be together often, only during special occasions. And, thanks to sis, she booked this trip for the all of us :-)

So, its actually my 2nd time to Taiwan this year. Haha.

We arrived at Taipei on the 31st dec, a 4/5 hours flight. Instead of taking a cab, we took the train to Taipei che zan, where our hotel is (York design hotel).

Our hotel was 5 minutes walk away from the station, quite convenient thou. Upon reaching the lobby, i was quite disappointed with that "kenna cheat" face. It doesn't look good. Until we took the lift up........., my eyes brighten.

The brick walls! Me and sis was happy with that ootd wall along the pathway. hahaha

And this is our room!

Xi men ding was just a stop away from our hotel. Hence we decided to spend the rest of our first day there. If im not wrong, the train ticket cost around 20ntd.


We decided to go to the popular modern toilet restaurant. Upon reaching we were told that we have to wait, and there was a longgggg waiting list. zz. We left our contact and roam around first. 


Some Ah zhong mian xian to fill our tummy first! The best of the best. My 2nd time here! hehe.


Received a call from the Modern toilet around like 30 minutes later. Back.




The food was average. We found a strand of hair in our soup and it was a totally turn off even thou they changed a new set for us. Will i go back again? No. 
Especially this huge pile of ice shit lol totally not worth the price. They just dump a scoop of icecream, and the rest was like biscuits and some jelly, 95% of it was ice.... How to eat.......

We spent a total of around 1000NTD for all of that.


Went back to the hotel to rest for awhile, preparing to see the fireworks at Taipei 101 as it's new year eve! Count downnnnnn hehe.


We arrived at Taipei 101 around 10pm. The roads were blocked... thousands of people seen sitting around waiting for the fireworks.... We grab a nice view of Taipei101, sat there for 2 hours.....

And tadah! Totally worth the wait. The fireworks was awesome! (Video on my facebook)

And that's the end of our awesome Day 1.

Happy new year guys!

Will blog on my day 2 to day 7 soon :-)