Thursday, January 1, 2015

Wu Fen Pu / Rao He

Day 2

The weather was freezing cold on the first day of New year, around 10 degree i suppose. Hahah. Our plans was Wu fen pu and Rao he today as both was just across the street. We stopped at a random shop for Ru rou fan. Their kind of ru rou fan is totally different from what we have in sg thou. The ingredients is always very little. But still, yummy!


Its never surprising to see dogs around. And all of them are soooo adorable.


And our shopping starts!

After 3 hours........... hahaha check out the bags around dad.

We were still too early for the market at Rao he hence we decided to settle at Sushi express for some sushi. (Actually it was getting too cold out there so we just want a hide out hahaha we stayed in there for like an hour plus) But the sushi was good. Yeah it's like $1.50 per plate in singapore too. 

And then, the eating spree at Raohe starts.

Stinky Toufu!
Bbq corn!



Oysters! Freaking cheap lol

We left Raohe with lots of food and tibits to bring back.. fatz x100