Friday, January 2, 2015

Jiou Fen / Shilin

Day 3

Our itinerary for today was Jiou Fen (九份) for the day. We headed to taipei station to grab our tickets and train to the station (Rui Fang) nearest to Jiou Fen before taking a cab up. As it was the 2nd day of new year, the ticket officer actually told us that he do not recommend us to head there as it will be super packed. We did not heed his advise as we didn't want to waste our day...

Upon reaching there, the crowd at near the entrance was wow. It was worst than what we expected. We were kinda stuck there for 15minutes and we decided to settle at the stall near the entrance for some desserts first. It got better and we went in.

This peanut roll is a must! The ice-cream + peanut combination is so perfect.

The breathtaking view at the top

We wanted to head to Shi Fen after that but decided not to as our main purpose was to head there to watch the sunset and lanterns. But the sky was already getting dark and we would be missing out all that. Back to Shi Lin night market!

Oh that enormous chicken cutlet.... T.T Best of the best.

And it was all shopping again at Shi Lin......... again....