Monday, June 1, 2015

Ivan's Carbina

I doubt you'd expect yourself to find rosti in a coffee shop. ROSTI is like shredded potato pan fried like a pancake shape. The first rosti I tried was at Cine, Shokudo. I fell in love with rosti and I tried making my own at home too hahaha. 

Few days back, Tim drove me to a coffee shop located at 354A woodlands avenue 5.

It's a normal western stall you'd see at a coffeeshop, named Ivan's carbina. You'd see those western dishes as usual but what makes it unique is that rosti!!!!

Rosti with sausage. $6.80. You can choose between 3 flavors for the sausage. If im not wrong, it's cheese, garlic or the normal.

The Caesar salad cost $5 and it's really yumz too! Comes with 2 slices of garlic bread.

Definitely worth visiting!