Wednesday, June 3, 2015

2D1N Johor Bahru

(Photo from JHotel's web)

3 weeks holiday and i was like 'I need a getaway', even if it's a short one hahah. Happen to chance upon this hotel and i love the deck bed so much! 

Started our journey at 10am in the morning on a wednesday. Took 170 all the way to JB sentral. We didn't plan on what to have for brunch and bbf randomly suggested Sakae. I didnt expect much because it's commonly available in singapore. BUT its insanely cheap compared to Singapore's + super good. DAMMMYUMMM.

Sakae Sushi (Level 3, Johor Bahru City Square Shopping Mall)



Ordering via Ipad. 

While waiting for our orderssssss.

Chicken Ham Katsu - Chicken with melted cheese and ham! RM7.54 (SGD2.85)

Aburi Salmon Carpaccio RM14.14 (SGD5.34) 
and at the back Salmon mentai sushi RM4.71 (SGD1.78)

 Tuna Mayo Temaki RM2.82 (SGD1.06)

 Aburi Salmon Maki RM19.80 (SGD7.47)

Kimchi and Mango Maki RM2.82 (SGD1.06)

We still ate alot of other dishes but these are the main ones that i really love! Our bill came up to RM105 for 2 pax which is only around SGD40!

We went for some shopping and actually went into the arcade to play hahaha. Topped up RM10 + RM2 for the card (refundable when you return the card). We played 2 rounds of Mario cart and basketball. Hehe. Only cost RM1-2 per game!

Decided to check in our hotel at around 2pm! We took a cab via meter from City square to JHotel and paid around RM25. JHotel is located at 89, Jalan Sutera Tanjung 8/3 Johor Bahru. It is conveniently located across the carpark of Sutera mall! You can directly reach Sutera mall via causeway link bus thou.

Lobby area. And i dont know why bbf happens to be in all the photos hahahaha SPOT HIM

The pinkish walkway to our room

AND TADAHHHH. Glad to be seeing the room as of what we saw on the web.

That deck bed.


Cleanliness level 9.5/10
Room size suitable for 2 pax
Price: $48/night (Booked through agoda)

They have other rooms such as hanging bed, boutique room, sweet room!

Rolled on the bed for awhile and we went to Sutera mall which is just opposite the hotel. 


RM17 per hour / But we got the small room, 3 hour package instead at RM35 (SGD13) with a free jug of drink. Neh cheaper than Teoheng haha. But we left after 2 hours cus its too tiring for just 2 person to sing for such long hours lol. The sound system was good. They have free WIFI too but i dont know why it doesn't work when we try connecting :-(

ESCAPE ROOM NEXT! Located at Sutera mall too.

We went after 5pm so it was around RM38 (SGD14). If you go before 5pm, it's RM33 only. Me and bbf are scary cats so we chose the UP room game hahaha.  Difficulty level 3 only. No photos allowed inside sadly. We were brought into the room filled with lots of balloon with wallpaper like the UP movie. Then we were supposed to unlock a few treasure box with hints all around, and save the "boy" lol. AND WE FAILEDDDDD T.T the person allowed us to continue cus there wasn't anyone after us hahaha so we manage to solve it in the end too.

*Its better to have more peopleeeee for higher chance of winning. MORE BRAINS LOL.

Free polariod.

Guess what is this.......

That fried ice-cream from Bangkok!!! But BKK's still nicer. RM7.9 (SGD3)

Left Sutera mall and strolled back to our hotel and packed some noodles from a coffee shop near the carpark of the mall.

Woke up the next morning and checked out around 11am. 
BYE JHotel i'll be back :-)

We took a cab over to the famous Ya Wang restoran near the customs. It's just 5 mins walk from City square. Address: No. 28, Jalan Segget, Johor, 80000 Johor Bahru

Just spot the huge duck to find your way

Just as you read, they consulted singapore's Dian Xiao Er for their dishes. I was expecting a long queue but luckily we were seated the moment we arrived. The service was good and fast too. The aunty even recommended suitable portion for the 2 of us.

We settled on the 2 pax set which cost RM51 (SGD19.20) which includes item 1-4 with the must have Herbal roasted duck! We ordered additional Charsiew and roasted pork at RM15 (SGD5.60).