Wednesday, June 10, 2015

BRIDGE - Cafe, Restaurant, Bar

We visited Bridge cafe located at 31 Seah St. 

It is just 2 shops away from the Mint toys museum so it was easily located.  We reached around 2.30pm not knowing that lunch ends at 2pm, but they were kind enough to still serve us! I manage to order the Cabonara ($14) from the lunch menu. I seldom have pastas when i visit cafes but this definitely didn't let me down. The bacon bits was crunchy with some mushrooms and the sauce wasn't  too creamy, was just right!

The truffle was good! ($10) We finished the whole 'pail' even when we were really bloated already.

Lastly the Bridge wings. ($10) Thumbs up.

I had hot Matcha latte! Almost tasting similar to the one in Starbucks.

and a plus point for the service even thou there is no service charge. They constantly asked if the food was okay and even offer to help us take photos. haha!