Sunday, June 14, 2015

A day out with my Little Shannon

Day out with the little one to Masak Masak event @ National museum. If im not wrong, the event would be available till august! Free admission :-) It's a nice place for the kids, and they even have inflatable playgrounds outdoor during weekends!

Craft with minimum donation of $2! You'll be able to choose between 3 designs :-) 

Some old school games we used to play 

Went up to level 3 for other available activities.

We are able to get a paper and stamp on our favorite singapore dishes and colour it!


Walked over to Rendezvous hotel for Bao Today. Partly cus i was craving for salted egg yolk bun. They had one of  the best liu sha bao.

Tried their porridge. Thumbs up!