Monday, June 15, 2015


JEM with bbf and we saw this 'Make your own burger' at Mcdonals! It was nicely served, i like it! #cafestyle lol

I thought there'd be lots of selection but there was only beef patty. But the sauces and veggies add-ons had varieties! I find the machine not very user-friendly lol. We actually did our order like 3-4 times before we finally get our order done.....

And actually our main purpose of heading to Jurong east was for the Mega zip right outside West gate. HAHA. Wooohooooo~ Just see how excited she is. (She claims that she's not afraid)

Got our tickets @ $10! I think you can get the tickets at $8* if you shop at westgate with minimum spending.

The person asked her if she wanna go higher and she was like "OKAY!". But after one jump, she started shouting "I dont want so high!!!" hahahha! Honestly it doesn't look scary from the ground but i really dont know how it feels like when you're bouncing lol.

Bought the hard copy photo at $5 + another $5 for all the soft copies.

Mission accomplished.