Thursday, June 18, 2015

Shopping at Taobao

Let me introduce a few trustable sellers from the famous china shopping site ( that I've bought several times from. Mainly ladies apparels, bags, shoes etc. You wouldn't really expect much from a china site but it's a plus points when the item arrives in acceptable or rather good quality! BUT I wouldn't assure 100% of the times the item are true to picture. There's always a 1/10 chance whereby you would really feel disappointed with what you receive. Well, but if you shop online or shop at bugis often, you'd really love Taobao if you start using it. You can find most of the items there, it just depends on how good your mandarin description is HAHA.
These are the shop names listed. You can search them from the search bar but you have to search via shop name and not taobao search.


Most of the items from TOP SHOP CLUB are items where you can see in online blogshops. Like floral or printed crop tops and dresses. Items as low as 30RMB onwards.

For example, this top cost only 48RMB!!! Which is equivalent to around $10SGD.

2) HaoDuoYi 旗舰店

This shop carries slightly matured apparels, I feel that it is more to American style and somehow similar to ASOS. They sell mainly outerwear, dresses, and tops. Slightly higher price but still cheaper than what you can find in SG, around $12SGD onwards for dresses.

But there was once when I placed an order and the item was out of stock, the seller did not inform me until I asked why that item was missing :-( Afterall the quality of the apparels from this shop is good.

3) 无敌女鞋

Bam! If you love those 'Korean' style platform, this is the shop! 39RMB which is like $8SGD?!

4) 韩国女包馆

Now for some bags. This shop's name is "Korean ladies bags" after translating hahaha.

Don't be shocked by the stated RMB300++ price. Click onto the bag that you like, you'd see the prices slashed MORE THAN 70%!

I just bought 3 bags from this shop recently. THUMBS UP QUALITY!


Last but not least, THIS! I really love this shop. They sell items from apparels to shoes and even accessories! Tops at like only $6SGD! I've bought at least 5 times from this seller. The quality is better than what you expect from that low priced. ^-^

Dont forget about the shipping fees! I shopped directly from Taobao hence I do not have to pay any extra agent fee. The courier shipping fee chargeable from China to Singapore is RMB43 per KG, which is less than $10SGD only :-)

Tips* If you're purchasing from more than one seller, wait for all the items to arrive at the warehouse and combine shipping of all items that you purchased. Pay the shipping fee all at once!

That's all folks! I'll update if I happen to find any good deals. xo